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May 2017

Updated Data Sheet for Using Mortar at High and Low Temperatures

MIA has updated its data sheet on the use of mortar at high and low temperatures. Data sheet 07 provides advice on bothsummer and winter working.

The challenge in hot weather is the evaporation of water from the mortar. Without sufficient water, the bond between the mortar and masonry unit may be reduced. On the plus side, the increased rate of hydration of the cement and favourable curing conditions in warm, humid weather will help develop masonry strength if sufficient water is present at the time of construction.

With winter working, problems can arise when the ambient temperature at the time of laying is less than about 4°C because mortar strength and hydration take place above that temperature level. It is therefore recommended that mortar construction should not take place when the air temperature falls below 3°C unless the mortar temperature can be maintained at a minimum of 4°C until it has hardened. This could mean working in heated enclosures.

The data sheet is downloadable: Click Here.


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